Through the Community Development Loans program, Dakota Resources serves as the connecting arm between regional investors and organizations who are ready to make an impactful investment.

Community Development Loans make it possible for rural communities to gain meaningful momentum, both from the actual capital and from the increased capacity through Dakota Resources’ support and expertise in helping communities to put the funds to work.

Who This is For

Community Development Loans support economic development organizations, housing authorities, and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) in rural places nationwide by offering flexible, affordable loans.

What We Do

Capital Investment Fund

  • Extremely flexible, with affordable rates and no collateral required
  • Interest-only payments until the 10-year term is up, at which time the principal may be renewed
  • Preapproval for up to one year, so that you can draw on your loan when you need it
  • More than $30 million currently invested in rural projects across the nation

In addition to the loan, you also gain access to Dakota Resources’ expertise. We work with borrowers to get financial records in order, to build a stronger financial position, and to connect with our other programs, such as Community Coaching and The Learning Network. Once your loan is in place, we also perform quarterly check-ins to to help you report on financials.

These close relationships help our economic development partners for the long haul. In fact, in more than 25 years of lending, we’ve had no losses or defaults.

Community Facilities Relending Program (CFRP)

  • $100,000 minimum loan, with interest rates as low as 3%, based on qualifications and loan terms
  • Secured credit and collateral required; eligible applicants include qualified public bodies, nonprofits, and tribes
  • Up to a 33-year term, with no pre-payment or early principal payment penalty
  • USDA program; available to fund projects in rural communities with fewer than 20,000 people

Dakota Rising Microloan Fund

  • $25,000 maximum loan; available for small business needs.
  • Eligible applicants include only those business owners who completed our Dakota Rising Fellowship in 2009-2019.

How to Get Involved

To inquire about a loan, contact Dakota Resources’ Director of Community Lending and Finance Coach, Terri LaBrie.

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Dakota Resources was easy to work with, and their flexible financing terms made it easy for us. We were able to do the project successfully with their support.

Brian Steward, Finance Director for Yankton Thrive

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