The future of rural is here.

At Dakota Resources, we believe that the future of rural is shaped by people who are passionate about their communities. While community development often begins with one person or with one idea, a thriving rural makes room for diverse visions to co-exist. We structure our work according to our values – to include, connect, inspire, empower, and celebrate – so that all are welcome to participate fully in decision-making in their communities.

The work of Dakota Resources began more than 25 years ago, but our mission – to connect capital and capacity to empower rural communities – remains true today. Our work has impacted more than 160 communities across the nation, and as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides financial support to rural and underserved areas across the nation, our work contributes to a thriving rural in measurable ways. Our five programs, all of which are dedicated to building financial and leadership capacity within rural communities, ensure that a thriving rural is here to stay.

  • 1996

    Our Beginnings

    A group of South Dakota leaders form South Dakota Rural Enterprise, Inc (SDREI). Its mission is to enhance the economic vitality of rural South Dakota communities. The focus is to pool capital from banks, corporations, and other funding sources and relend it to local Economic Development Organizations (EDOs).

  • 1998

    Beth Becomes Executive Director

    Beth Davis is hired as the organization’s first Executive Director.

  • 1998

    Community Development Loans Launches

    We achieve Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Certification and begin lending to Economic Development Organizations across South Dakota.

  • 2004

    New Markets Tax Credit Launches

    Together with our partner Rural Development Finance Corporation, we form a subsidiary called Dakotas America LLC and it achieves certified Community Development Entity (CDE) status, enabling us to apply for New Markets Tax Credit allocation authority.

  • 2005

    Community Coaching Launches

  • 2008

    Dakota Rising

  • 2010

    Hello Dakota Resources

  • 2013

    We Expanded Nationally

  • 2016

    Our First Ever RuralX

  • 2016

    Learning Network Launches

  • 2018

    Joe Becomes President

  • 2019

    Building Local Entrepreneur Support

  • 2020

    We Launch Our New Brand

  • 2020

    Lin Steps Down And Dustin Steps In

  • 2021

    Cheers to 25 Years

  • Present

    The Future of Rural is Here

What Rural Shapers Are Saying

At Dakota Resources, our goal is not just to empower rural leaders and help rural communities thrive, but to celebrate the people and communities who are actively making a difference every single day.

Paula Jensen, Vice President of Program Development, Dakota Resources