The future of rural is here.

The future of rural will be shaped by people passionate about their communities. It starts with one person. With one idea. Who invites others to join. This is how the work begins.

The future of rural makes room for diverse visions to co-exist. It includes a voice – and place – for everyone. It’s created by people empowered to participate in decisions for their community.

We believe that leadership capacity and access to capital are key to creating that future. Our programs are aimed at supporting rural shapers and economic development organizations.

The direction of our work is always pointing toward a thriving rural. What that looks like will be different for every rural community. But one thing is certain:

The future of rural is here.

At Dakota Resources, our goal is not just to empower rural leaders and help rural communities thrive, but to celebrate the people and communities who are actively making a difference every single day.

Paula Jensen, Vice President of Program Development, Dakota Resources