Every rural community is unique,

and the future of rural is here.

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We connect capital and capacity to empower rural communities.

Our mission is the one reason Dakota Resources exists. It informs everyone in the organization what to do.


We believe in a thriving rural.

We recognize rural communities and the people who are a part of them have often had difficulty accessing resources, including capital and leadership development. A thriving rural means everyone in a rural community has an equitable opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the resources, systems, and structures available. Thriving also means everyone’s voice in a rural community matters in shaping their community’s future.

Who we serve

The work of Dakota Resources is shaped by people who are passionate about their rural communities. From economic development organizations to volunteers, and from boards of directors to engaged residents, the work to build a thriving rural requires many voices and many hands. And while a thriving rural may look different across rural places, as a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Dakota Resources believes that access to capital and leadership capacity are key to a thriving rural future — and that future is here.

Dacotah Bank and Dakota Resources Connect Capital and Shared Values to Impact Rural Communities

July 2, 2024|

When it comes to investing in rural communities, Dakota Resources is only as strong as our partner organizations, including our major investors. Our ability to support rural communities in their work to thrive is directly related to the financial investment of organizations who not only desire to make an impact in cultivating a thriving rural, but who also make it possible for us, as a certified CDFI, to then offer capital assistance to communities and organizations in need.

Rural Book Recommendations from the Dakota Resources Staff

June 3, 2024|

There’s just something about receiving a book recommendation from someone who is as passionate as you are about rural life, so today, the Dakota Resources staff is sharing a small collection of must-reads, rural style. These stories don't portray rural in the stereotypical way we often see; like the communities we support, these books share about the people, the struggles, and the triumphs that make up the fabric of rural existence. Ready for a literary getaway to the heartland? Read on!

Growing B.O.L.D.ly Ahead: Initial B.O.L.D. Cohort Wraps Up

April 10, 2024|

Thanks to a $200,000 Beyond Idea Grant (BIG) from the South Dakota Community Foundation – awarded to Dakota Resources in partnership with the Bush Foundation – we’ve been able to support innovative, community-based, problem-solving efforts for economic development organizations through the B.O.L.D. (Building Organizations for Local Development) Framework.

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