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Who is a Thriverr?

Thriverrs are rural leaders who are looking to connect with and learn alongside other rural leaders. They share these core values:

  • They care deeply about the future of their communities and want to help it thrive.

  • They believe both community AND economic development are needed for a thriving rural community.

  • They want to connect with other Thriverrs to share their expertise and learn from others’ expertise.

  • They know the future of rural is here, and we will shape it together.

What can I expect with a Solo membership?

Our Thriverr network is the epicenter of our work. This membership level grants an individual leader access to…

  • All tools and features of Thriverr, including the resource library, discussion board, event calendar, and Spaces.

  • On demand peer support through discussion boards.

  • Access to Thriverr Live events.

  • Discounted registrations to our Thriverr Gathering events.